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I spent about three hours earlier on going through the fiction boxes for the Epsom Book Fair and pulling out the SF/fantasy to go in its own section. There was really quite a lot of it... I'll be back there Thursday lunchtime to attempt to sort it into something resembling sanity, or at least try to keep the stuff by the same author together. Sorry, davidt3001, but I didn't see a single Tubb amongst it (on the other hand, there are about ten Perry Rhodan books).

I had vaguely thought of going to the gym afterwards but by the time I was done sorting, it was about 9pm and I was knackered (and hadn't had dinner yet). So the current plan, if I can actually still move in the morning after more than my usual quota of bending down and lifting boxes, is to go to the gym in the morning -- the evening will involve spending some time with rotwang, cooking something nice in what remains of the kitchen, and maybe watching Dresden Files (or at least recording it if we don't watch it)

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