Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Okay, THAT was surreal.

Walk out of my office, cross the hall to the bathroom, put the light on. There's a flicker as of something flying across the light; assuming it's a moth, I look up.

No, it's not a moth; it's a robin. You know; smallish chubby bird, red breast, more usually seen in this house on Christmas cards.


I am now faced with a rather confused and stressed robin which needs to be persuaded to be somewhere else. Outside, preferably. Unfortunately my bathroom no longer has any external windows (there is an extension where its previous windows were), so this is not necessarily as easy as it might seem (and it raises the additional question of "how the hell did it get in?". I switch the light off to avoid stressing it still further -- with hindsight I think some of my brain was still in moth-mode -- and it decides to leave the room.

I follow it into the upper floor of the extension, open the larger (and more easily reachable) window and watch as it scorns my feeble attempts to provide it with an exit. Okay. Something tempting. Downstairs, grab a handful of birdseed from the conveniently-sitting-on-the-worktop bag of same, attempt to persuade robin it likes (a) food and (b) being somewhere other than inside my house. Robin cocks its head at me, and ignores the seed totally (evidently not hungry). Eventually it calms down enough for me to wriggle through some battens, reach the window which will be in the new bathroom eventually, and open that; exit robin, stage left.

I can only imagine that it came in under the back door (there is a gap there at the moment where some door-frame and a step will eventually be). I rather dread further investigation downstairs; I'm wondering what it'll have crapped on...

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