Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass


I went into the back garden this morning to inspect the pond for signs of fornicating frogs.

I didn't see any of the frogs (apart from a *splash* as one disappeared into the pond) but we do indeed have a metric arseload of frogspawn around the irises (or at least the cut-back stumps which should regrow into irises in another month or two). My parents report that they saw at least 20 frogs in and around the pond this time last year. They have evidently been busy again in the last few weeks - the frogs, not my parents; my parents spawned human children (well, in my case, anyhow; I've never been entirely sure about my sister) rather than tadpoles.

I think we've found something to do with the five-year-old offspring of the friends who are visiting this weekend. Give him a bucket and let him collect some frogspawn to take home (won't we be popular with the friends if we suggest that)

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