Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
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Building report

Still Life With Sledgehammer

The latest set of photos from the chaotic devastation which is our house are here.

We now have nice new plaster in the downstairs hall and in the dining room. The kitchen has been gutted but this has revealed that the floor in the existing area was some god-awful conglomerate of wood in some places, a layer of concrete over ?wood? in others, bricks, and the world's least convincing joists. Once again I find myself wanting to have a very thorough chat (of the sort possibly involving a baseball bat and/or a shotgun) with the original builders. Still, our chap's going to arrange wonderful things with concrete to make that all solid and level (and "level" was never going to happen otherwise).

We've also chosen kitchen floor tiles, made a provisional decision on the type of granite for the worktop, etc.

It'll be great when it's done, but at the moment I'm going out and round through the garage to the utility room whenever I want a cup of tea -- that being where the kettle is. There's usually also a side trip to the other end of this floor to retrieve a cup.

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