Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Friday night: the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, over at Epsom Playhouse. I am not 100% sure that some of the audience quite knew what they were letting themselves in for -- I mean, it's possible that some of the blue-rinse brigade were expecting stringed-instrument versions of Sex And Drugs And Rock'N'Roll and Anarchy In The UK but I remain sceptical. Nonetheless the Ukes were very good (as usual).

Saturday: drove down to deepest Zummerzet with a carful of assorted Stuff; my mother's new computer, my dad's copy of SuperScrabble (a belated birthday present), a box of books from the book fair for my in-laws, and a box of microwave food cartons for my sister. Spent the afternoon getting the PC set up for Mum (making it talk to the household wireless network, installing the printer software, that sort of thing) and then headed off into Taunton; we had tickets for a new play adapted from a Michael Marshall Smith short story ("Being Right"). Play was very good, teamed with another short new piece called Caviar and Chips about a fallen-from-money ex-socialite. By the time we got back to the parents, drown_not_wave had turned up, and the house was up to a one-per-person computer density -- unheard of for them!

Sunday: we established that SuperScrabble takes quite a bit longer than the ordinary version (in that it has twice as many tiles and a bigger board) and seems slightly less balanced (but this may be slight sour grapes, since Dad got a vast majority of the decent tiles, while I wound up swapping all of mine on two occasions). Mum cooked a yummy roast lunch and then we headed off to drop the books in at rotwang's dad's. The A30 had a couple of diversions which made getting to them slower than usual, and then the drive back was appalling; heavy traffic, snow, breakdowns, you name it, we had them in front of us...

And now, back to preparing the Bible, i.e. the document which will let rotwang and caffeine_fairy be me for a few days at the end of next week...


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