Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
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  • Building continues. More photos are up. It feels like we're camping out in our own house; we're squashed into the spare room with a few odds and sods, while the wardrobes/drawers containing most of our clothing are on the other side of the house. The bath has the dirty laundry in it. Drying space for clean laundry is being eked out at the end of the bed and by the sink in the bathroom, where it runs the risk of being brushed against by grubby builders. Still no kitchen (it's basically now waiting for the inauguration of the new fusebox). Repeat after me: it'll be lovely when it's finished...
  • Went down to see my parents at the weekend, to perform a head (or at least disk) transplant on my mother's PC. That went all right, though I surmise the actual problem may have been related to a dodgy wireless widget rather than the PC itself -- I'll have a play with the old PC at some point (it may wind up as a testbed for Ubuntu or something).
  • Where did all these customers come from? And why are they ringing me?

  • Gah -- "friends" page styles

    Anyone know how to turn off LJ's new "feed" style friends pages? Do not want. I find my existing 25-entries-per-page to be much more manageable.

  • (no subject)

    Merry winter-festival-of-your-choice, all of you!

  • Gissa job...

    No, no, not me, but a friend of mine is losing his retail job this coming Monday when the place where he works closes down. (Nice timing...) Anyone…

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