Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Thursday: Work, followed by Now Show taping, followed by dinner at Bodean's (warning to anyone who might consider ordering their Pit Boss salad along with something else; don't bother, the salad is huge)

Friday: took car in for service, MOT and for them to fix the driver's side window which had jammed down earlier in the week (need to take it back Wednesday to fit the parts for the window, but at least the window's not open any longer). Should have gone to boardgames in the evening, but given that the weather was still somewhat dodgy and that the traffic reports reckoned at least an extra hour's delay on my usual hour's drive, I cried off. rotwang got back from Plymouth, we had some dinner and ambled down to the pub for a pint.

Saturday: got up early, drove to Oxford, went to wedding of very old friend (as in "known for ages" rather than "ancient") who we don't see nearly often enough. Wedding was great, weather held off long enough for drinks in college garden to be a sensible plan; nice lunch, bit of light shopping in Oxford, then back for the evening do, also excellent.

Sunday: a lie-in! In a place with no builders and no dust! (Actually we've not seen much of the builders just lately, as we're waiting on a couple of deliveries and they can't really quite finish until those arrive.) Drove home, and then spent the afternoon putting ends on network cables, moving computers into the new server room, vacuuming the computers, and hooking them all back up to the network. My office now has one computer in it rather than six, which makes it rather quieter... Oh, and some book or other had arrived from Amazon, so I ignored the OU essays for the evening and finished that instead.

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