Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

I can has exhibition nao pliz?

Right.... I think I have finally got most of the Eating My Brain stuff out of the way and sorted.

To start off with: should any of you be within casting distance of Bourne Hall in Ewell, and at a loose end sometime between Monday morning and 4pm Saturday afternoon, do please feel free to stop in and go and peer at the photos on the wall in the lobby. They're lovely, I promise. Also, mine. I've just bribed sweet_lil_sis to come and help me hang them; the suggestion of dinner at Dragon's Den usually works. (rotwang is out at his annual pilgrimage to worship at the shrine of Status Quo, or I'd've made him help.)

In no particular order over the last couple of weeks:

Kaiser Chiefs (last night) were lots of fun, though I did wonder why the guy sitting next to rotwang had bothered. We think he must have been dragged along by his wife; not a nod of the head, a tap of the foot, a clap... in fact he even slept through some of it. (No mean feat since, if not turned up to eleven, at least this reached ten and a half.)

Beowulf (Thursday) was also very good; interesting to see how they'd melded CGI and live-action stuff. We also enjoyed Stardust a week or two previously; it's been a fairly Gaiman-script-heavy couple of weeks.

Bill Bailey (couple of weeks back) was also great, though he seems to have moved away more from musical stuff to surreal comedy. (Well, I suppose it lets us tell him apart from Mitch Benn more easily...) He pegged my Surreal-O-Meter at fishcake point stuffed-giraffe at the point during the encore where he brought on a Bollywood band and proceeded to recast "Duelling Banjos" as "Duelling Sitars". I look forward to the DVD.

vicarage stopped by on his whirlwind tour of England -- we went to the aforementioned Dragon Den with D&L WINOLJ for dinner. It was nice to see all concerned again; despite D&L living within walking distance, we just don't see them that often...

Everything else lately seems to have involved Christmas shopping, tidying the house, or infeasible amounts of work... but sleep now seems good...

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