Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

One from the archives...

We've been moving some stuff off shelves in my office onto shelves in the new library (also known as rotwang's office). This has included a whole load of Random Roleplaying Stuff -- manuals, programmes from conventions long past, old character sheets and so on. I don't think they come much more random than this list, though. I think it dates from about 1993 or so (judging by its having been written on the back of some convention flyers from around then). I'm guessing -- and I could be wrong here -- that it was intended to be a Random Desk Drawers Content Table...

  1. Used match
  2. Fag butt [can't you just tell this was compiled by a UK rather than a US resident -- and some time ago, at that]
  3. Plectrum
  4. Ring found in cracker
  5. False moustache
  6. Book of matches from random restaurant
  7. Used stamp
  8. Battery (dead)
  9. Mobile phone
  10. Receipt from supermarket
  11. Business card
  12. Floppy disk (contains 6 GIFs, one saved article from rec.humor.funny and a pirated copy of Lemmings)
  13. Sock
  14. E.E. "Doc" Smith paperback
  15. Pencil shavings
  16. Champagne cork
  17. Plastic dinosaur (triceratops)
  18. Bookmark
  19. Hairpin
  20. Old shirt button
  21. Cardboard bit from Party Popper
  22. Twiglet
  23. Shergar
  24. Lord Lucan
  25. The body of Elvis in a Lancaster bomber
  26. Alien communication device (which looks like one of the other items on the list)
  27. Towel (oh, so that's where it was!)
  28. Watch, stopped at 3:29 pm
  29. Phonecard (one unit left)
  30. Potion of Rainbow Hues
  31. CD box (broken)
  32. Gate (pick random destination)
  33. Glove, woolly, one
  34. Can ring
  35. Teaspoon
  36. Screwdriver
  37. Street map of random city
  38. Dice
  39. Jigsaw piece
  40. Rubber (eraser!)
  41. AD&D trading card, Captain Kazhal, 10th-level fighter
  42. Fluff
  43. Pen
  44. Pencil
  45. 1D3 remote controls (if appropriate era)
  46. Loose change
  47. Earring
  48. Sultanas
  49. 1/2 a biscuit
  50. Dead gerbil
  51. Last will & testament of random person unconnected with scenario
  52. 2d10 £10 notes (old series) in roll, secured with elastic band
  53. Broken elastic band (perished)
  54. Colony of sentient cockroaches
  55. Card to send back to record club [record? how quaint] to avoid getting the editor's choice (dated three months ago)
  56. half-eaten slice of pizza (roll on random pizza table)
  57. T72 tank
  58. used condom
  59. Rusty drawing pin (1 hp damage, roll to save against tetanus)

... er, yes. ;)
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