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There are afternoons when I keep expecting to look down and find myself wearing a pinafore apron, slippers and curlers. Any afternoon when I have a sudden urge to bake stuff still confuses me; I'd've thought I should have satisfied my cooking urges for the weekend with last night's four-course extravaganza.

But no, I had to give in to the urge to make oatmeal and raisin cookies; Google found me this recipe, which worked very well - I used all butter instead of half and half butter and 'butter-flavoured shortening', largely because I wouldn't begin to know where to find such a beast in the UK and partly because I object, on principle, to butter-flavoured anything. Yes, I damn well can believe it's not butter, and don't you try to tell me it is.

Prior to that we went for an amble to the park up the road - one of the advantages of moving to the new place has been that there is a fairly sizeable (as London-area parks go) park a few minutes' walk away. It was sunny, cloudless, and warm; more like May or June than the tail-end of March. We saw two green woodpeckers in quick succession, one of which then flew down to ground level to feed or maybe to look for nesting material; apparently this is less unusual than I thought it might have been (or so says the RSPB's site).

Today is Mother's Day/Mothering Sunday in the UK. Luckily Amazon, in an almost unprecedented display of Not Being Crap, had got their bit of my mother's present to her yesterday, and the part I'd posted on Thursday had also made it there in time. I called her earlier, and wished her greetings of the day, before helping her solve a couple of clues in the crossword she was trying to finish (one of which involved a clue that was wrong, and one of which had involved my dad misremembering the title of a poem).

Last night we had friends round for dinner, more or less the inauguration of the new dining table for its intended purpose. Chilled beetroot soup with apple sour cream - not bad, maybe a bit too sweet; it involves roasting the beetroot with some carrots, ginger and sugar and then pureeing the result. Next time, I think, more lemon juice and less sugar. And I will definitely try to find larger beetroots as peeling them is such a messy business. Roasted mushroom salad again, still nice. Slow-roasted lamb in a rich miso sauce - I was a bit disappointed with how little of the miso flavour the lamb actually took up. I think it might work better with a higher miso paste content and maybe done as a casserole rather than as a roast. Banana tarte tatin - this was really good and dead simple, though next time I will try to find a bigger plate to turn it out onto so that I don't have large lakes of banana toffee sauce to clear up afterwards. Much wine was drunk. Mmmm. (And at one point when wine was being retrieved from the garage, the beloved came face to face - well, apart from a major height differential - with a mouse who appears to have taken up residence in there. Guess we'll have to do something about that at some point.)

The vast amount of frogspawn in the pond has now mutated into vast amounts of teeny tadpoles. Watching the water wriggle is a bit unnerving.

Things I should have done this weekend:

  • Gone to the recycling centre with the crateful of empty bottles, several bags of cans, etc.
  • Written more game stuff. Three weeks to GenCon. Argh.
  • Filled out insurance claim paperwork re: the drains.

... and probably a bunch more if I could be bothered to think that hard.

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