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Last weekend was the joint birthday party for rotwang and your humble narrator, which also marked the official end of my birthday celebrations (he has two more events to go). It was fun, even if we were short a few people (some of them for good reasons); I may have ever so slightly overcatered, but at least most of the leftovers have either found good homes, been eaten or been recycled into other meals (the leftover crudites are, even as I type, turning into vegetable stock on my stove). I loved the venue; anywhere that'll provide you a room for deposit only, buy in some decent cider for you, and is happy for you to sort out your own music (CDs or iPod level; no decks) and your own food is a complete winner as far as I'm concerned.

Books: The Athenian Murders: should have been good, interesting concept, but just didn't really work. (Will be up for grabs on BookCrossing shortly.) Pyramid: badly-written sub-Da Vinci Code toss; I gave up reading it after the third or fourth plot-dump in which characters who were allegedly Oxford academics apparently had no knowledge of something fairly well-known. (I do not expect all Oxford fellows to be omniscient, omnipotent superbeings, but neither are they likely to be bloody ignorant of things such as ley lines and longitude.) The End Of Mr Y: just started and looking as though I will enjoy it a lot.

Things: well, okay, cats. I need to fit our bird table with gun emplacements or close equivalent since Zen, the smaller and more agile of the cats, has proved this morning that she can climb the table's pole and sit on the table itself (luckily without any actual birds being around). Razor wire? Electrification? I shall have to have a think. Also, waistcoatmark and sielis have provided a cat fountain which has duly been set up - I am not convinced the four-feet know what to make of it just yet but I'm sure they'll figure it out. We will definitely have to work out the whole battery-operation concept, though, because the power cord obstructs a couple of cupboards with important things in (such as the cat food)

Stuff: um, off to see the Foo Fighters on Friday, meeting up with colonel_maxim on his return from Forn Parts on Saturday. Work seems to have calmed down a bit, which is nice. Waiting for Shiny New Camera Lens off ebay (uitlander, same one you bought a while back). rotwang gets back from Stirling on Thursday night and then has to do a day-trip to Glasgow on Monday... enough bloody Scotland already....
Tags: cats

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