Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Mighty hunter...

I have mentioned before that we have foxes semi-resident in our garden (I don't know where their den is, but there could be an entire tribe of pygmies at the end of our garden and we'd not know it). This morning two of them decided to come out and curl up in the sun near our pond, and the cats decided to investigate...

It seems we have a live-and-let-live situation, thankfully. The cats snuck up -- one at a time; where's the Velociraptor Manoeuvre when you need it... -- to within perhaps four feet or so of one of the foxes, and then carefully snuck away again. For their part, the foxes didn't seem too bothered either. Just as well; I like having foxes around but I'd also rather they didn't eat my cats. ;)

(The photo involved a long lens and was taken from an upstairs window -- Zen and the fox (probably a mostly-grown cub) were about a metre and a half apart at this point, at a rough guess.)

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