Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

O Lazyweb...

My dad has finally decided what he wants for Father's Day, and the answer is "something that will let him play his own music in his workshop". This translates to an MP3 player of some sort, which needs to be:

- not too small;
- easy to use once music has been loaded onto it;
- _relatively_ straightforward to load music onto -- but this will probably be done either by me or by sweet_lil_sis so is a bit less critical
- able to handle playlists and/or randomisation, not just restricted to playing stuff out of folders
- capable of playing MP3s -- other formats not required
- sensibly priced (under 100 quid)

It specifically does NOT need to be able to play videos or any other visual content, nor does it need also to be a radio or anything else (he has a DAB radio already). Battery life is also not crucial -- in fact it doesn't really even need to have a battery at all since it's likely to spend the vast majority of its life plugged in.

Anyone got any recommendations? I love my iPod nano but that's way too small for this; it'd get lost and/or he'd get frustrated with the interface.
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