Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

And so it begins...

We have had to remove a frog from our dining room twice so far today; possibly the same frog twice, possibly two different ones, who knows? In both cases the intruder hopped away into the bushes when released back into the outside. Hopefully it, or they, will learn that staying clear of the Furry Monsters is a good idea if one does not wish to be dragged in through the cat flap and then batted around the room as a kitty toy.

Other things the cats have so far brought in to play with: feathers, a chunk of moss, and several pieces of pondweed. I am at a loss to see why the pondweed is so interesting; Orac seems to specialise in dragging that in, while Zen appears to be the mastermind behind the Frog Invasion.

Orac has also managed to shed her collar somewhere, and it (and its tag) have vanished into the mists of oblivion. I've now ordered a batch of spare tags and a batch of spare collars... now, if someone could sell me some slightly larger cat brains to install in these two, we'd be set.

[Edited to add: sweet_lil_sis reminds me. I'd thrown out some rather past-it cocktail sausages, legacy of the party the other week, for the local foxes. There was then an "OH GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DISEMBOWELLED AND BROUGHT IN... oh, it's half a sausage. Er, good" moment.]
Tags: cats
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