Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

"we thought we'd wrap it for you this time"

I may have been maligning Zen yesterday by calling her the Mastermind of the Frog Invasion.

Orac has just triumphantly deposited a frog on my (carpeted) office floor. Not just ANY old frog, oh no. This one was gift-wrapped: draped in some of the luminous green feathers that had been ripped out of one of the cat toys motorpickle kindly gave us.

So this time the frog had been dragged in through the catflap and up two flights of stairs. It was still breathing and blinking but looking significantly less happy than it had been yesterday. Sadly I did not have a camera within reach to take a picture before rotwang took it back outside (this time we left it in the front garden, where the cats don't go).

It could have been worse; I was not actually on the phone to a customer at the time...
Tags: cats
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