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I was lucky enough to be assigned tickets for Wimbledon in this year's ticket ballot -- the second year in succession I have managed that. This year they were tickets for Centre Court for Day 11, the Friday of the second week -- which ought to be the men's semi-finals in a year when the schedule hasn't been too decimated by rain...

We started off the day by watching the first set of the girls' semi-final out on Number 3 Court, featuring Laura Robson, the 14-year-old British player (who went on to win the girls' tournament yesterday). She was very impressive, although her opponent (Romana Tabakova) was having trouble getting a first serve over the net for the first few games...

Then it was off to CC to watch Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal wrap up their semi-finals in straight sets. Neither Marat Safin, playing Federer, nor Rainer Schuttler, playing Nadal, looked like much of a threat, but there was some good tennis to be seen along the way. We did also get to see one of the Murray brothers in action -- Jamie was playing in the mixed doubles. Although he and his partner (Huber) lost in the end, it was three very entertaining sets.

A few photos are here; I apologise for the inadequate quality of the photos of Nadal's arse, but we were in the next-to-back row of Centre Court and I was using the little Kodak rather than the Big Honking Canon Lens.

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