Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

GenCon day 2: pretty good, pretty good. More Cthulhu first thing, most enjoyable. Bob's Food Fight last thing, also excellent if a touch light on players (and in a room with very enthusiastic aircon and no visible means of controlling it).

The Dresden Files playtest.... yeah, bit of a clusterf**k there. Ten tickets had been sold for six slots, about another dozen people were hanging about with generics looking hopeful, and then the GM didn't show. Someone went to get one of the guys from Evil Hat, whose game it is, and they said "... we're SO sorry. This seems to have been one of our alpha testers who put this on the schedule, he didn't bother telling US about it, we haven't actually got anything ready to run as we're changing stuff from the alpha test..." The pitchfork-and-torch-waving mob knows who to track down; one of the would-be players offered to try to run something in today's slot if she could get a look at the alpha test stuff, so hopefully that'll work better. Eh, we got a refund for the tickets, we got extra time in the trade hall, there are worse things which could have happened.

Managed to find smescrater hanging out with the Hollow Earth guys, which I think completes my set of LJ-friends-list-members that I was expecting to see here.

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