Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Um, let's see. Too much life to update LJ... ;)

Car: Garage towed it off for me on Wednesday morning and it was done by mid-way through Wednesday afternoon; Church Hill Motors continue to be good and, recently, have even got the hang of calling me to update me on progress.

Celebrations: I skipped the gym on Thursday to join karimk and others for a celebration to mark J's birthday (Mrs karimk) and the fact that she had, earlier that day, handed in her PhD thesis. Yay! (Hers is over twice as long as mine. Bah. ;))

Sprogs: No, not mine. One of my friends had twins on Wednesday and I swung by the hospital to see them on Friday. All concerned -- mum, dad and babies -- are well and happy, if looking a little shell-shocked in the case of the parents.

Relaxation: Saturday was spent visiting Battersea Power Station, along with every other amateur photographer in the London area, or at least that's what it looked like. Sorry, bugshaw, but we'd heard tales of queues so we wanted to go earlier in the day than you did. (Shame, though, I'd've liked to have met techiebabe, with whom I've swapped email on a number of occasions but who I don't think I've ever actually seen in the flesh.) We then went up into central London for sushi and book-shopping, and then headed out to Richmond to pass the remainder of the afternoon sat by the river with a couple of beers, and subsequently ate tapas. (I've got a one-day Travelcard and I'm going to use it...)

Boring admin crap: ... and then I spent Sunday finishing off my VAT return...

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