Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

What am I looking for, here?

OK, so I have recently acquired a pasta maker ("but Bibliogirl, you can't eat pasta!" "Yes, I can make low-carb pasta. Shut up.") which, in common with most of these things, clamps to the worktop such that it stays still while you're cranking its handle to roll the pasta through it.

Except mine doesn't, because the supplied clamp isn't wide enough to fit over the edge of my worktop. (Clamping it to a chopping board works, but then requires someone else to hold the chopping board steady -- less useful.)

The clamp itself is not unlike a G-clamp, but its top end is a circular bar rather than being flattened -- about 3/8" wide, maybe? -- which fits into a hole in the side of the pasta-maker.

Is there a special name for this, and does anyone have any good ideas as to where I might find one with a wider gap? Google might be my friend if I knew what they were called...
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