Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Yes, yes, it's been a bit quiet around here lately for the last ten weeks. I know this because bytepilot has been posting more than I have. I am pretty sure I'm still ahead of rotwang and fletcher, though.

Work has been insanely busy for the last few months, which is much of the reason for the quietness -- that, and the game-writing run-up to Consequences, which was its usual level of insanity and taking printers with us. (The writing, not the convention itself.) The work has been busy of a variety which causes people to pay me money, however, and the Consequences games went well, so that was all good.

rotwang, motorpickle and I graced Wembley Arena with our presence on Saturday, to worship at the feet of the mighty Status Quo. Through a major-league coincidence (and a well-timed email from fractalgeek -- I think I still owe you a pint for it, don't I?) I managed to acquire seats in the front row so that we were indeed right at their feet ;) And very fine it was, too. Quo were on form as always, and ably supported by Manfred Mann's Earth Band, though the latter could have done with turning the bass down just a touch. (This was the first time I've ever fled from a band -- and the support band, at that -- looking for earplugs... found some and returned.) Should've taken a camera really.

We've also been to see Mitch Benn in Croydon and Bill Bailey at the Royal Albert Hall, been to the pub several times, eaten dinner in assorted nice places (including a lovely spread at missvolare's place on Friday), run D&D a few times, and so on.

Not dead yet, in other words.

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