Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Cat flap again

OK, I've just more or less fitted the new Sureflap chip-reading catflap we bought after previous discussion, and it appears to work just fine. It's almost a drop-in replacement for our existing Staywell manual flap; it required very minimal filing to enlarge one bit of the existing hole that was catching on the new flap's tunnel, and it'll need a drill wielded because the screw holes don't quite line up.

Orac has just been persuaded to come in through it, it correctly unlocked for her, and she didn't get stuck in it, so it's looking good for now...

I do note that, while Staywell make flaps for larger cats/small dogs as well as their standard sized cat flap, Sureflap only seem to do one size, so they'd work less well for those of you whose cats are larger than ours. I guess this is probably a limitation of how far away the cat's chip can be from the reader when it's deciding whether to unlock; if you had a larger flap and a small cat then the chip might not be close enough.
Tags: cats

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