Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Not, sadly, an update saying "Yeah, Rock Band 2 arrived this morning, and so did our replacement AC/DC disk, and Song Pack 2, and they delivered a sparkly unicorn holding the moon on a stick as well"...

EA have told me there will be an AC/DC disk replacement on its way out, but due to the slightly inclement weather we've not actually had any post this week yet (harsh words may be spoken if we get none today). RB2 is still nowhere near shipping, grumble,, grumble. But Song Pack 2 is still apparently scheduled for this Friday.

Quotë, our original band with rotwang on guitar and me on drums, has now gained five stars on all tracks to which we currently have access (that being all 61 on RB itself and 20 on Song Pack 1), as previously mentioned. We've started "Unquotë" which is our secondary band with rotwang on bass and me on vocals -- vocals always being sort of fun when you don't actually know the song (other than having played the drum part several times). Special bonus amusements: vocal tracks in languages other than English (Hey... hier kommt Alex... something um er something Horrorschau....)

I now have five stars on everything on drums on Medium (the yelp of joy when I finally got the fifth star on Run To The Hills last night was audible from the other end of the house) and am slowly -- very slowly working through Hard, and going back and making sure I have five stars on all the Easy tracks just for completeness. I have now also finally got 100% on a couple of tracks.

Onwards and upwards...
Tags: rock band

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