Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Do not buy the Philips HR2304 Ice Cream Maker...

for yea, verily, it is useless. Leaving aside the first one having turned up broken due to inadequate packaging on the supplier side, its replacement has just had its lid fail for the second time and thus will be returned with a note mentioning the phrase "not fit for purpose".

The idea with the Philips is that you have a disc which you freeze beforehand, rather than freezing an entire bowl -- it seemed like a good plan given that the chances of being able to fit a bowl in our freezer were pretty much zero. The disc sits at the bottom of an insulated unit, then there's a beater that goes into a motor which in its turn clips into a plastic lid. You turn the motor on to start the beater, then pour your ingredients in, and about half an hour later (ish) you should have ice-cream.

The main problem seems to be that the beater doesn't clear stuff from the frozen disc sufficiently efficiently. This means that you get a build-up of frozen ingredients on the disc, which causes the beater to move upwards and eventually that movement starts to push the motor out of alignment. The motor then starts moving more against the plastic lid, and eventually this will cause the lid to crack at the point where the motor is clipped into it. Well, I say "eventually" but in the case of the replacement lid which arrived yesterday, "eventually" was "within the making of its first batch of frozen yoghurt".

Ho hum, time to look for an alternative...
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