Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Started off by opening loads of cool stuff, just after midnight. The beloved found that, despite mailing him to say "yes, all your books have been despatched", Amazon had fucked up and only sent through seven out of seventeen. Not quite sure how they managed that - and nor, it would seem from later phone conversations, are they - but most of the rest are now on their way, hurrah. Not that I expect to finish all of the other seven before the rest arrive, since some of them are hardbacks which will therefore only get read at home (don't want to trash the books by carrying them around) and some of the others are fairly heavy tech stuff. Yummy.

"Seventeen?" I hear you cry. Come on, boys and girls, look back at the username. I gave my beloved a wishlist from which other people chose a few bits and bobs... and he then bought pretty much the entirety of the rest of the list. See why I love him?

One of the other books he gave me was a guidebook for New York. We tried to get tickets the last time BA did a special offer on Concorde - for Y2K New Year's, as far as I recall - and he'd bought the book then, but we couldn't get the tickets. So he'd held onto it. Obviously the book itself is now a little out of date in certain ways, but it was such a sweet gesture.

In the morning, I baked cookies. This is not such an odd thing to do on a day off, not for me; I like to cook. The last chocolate-chip cookie recipe I tried didn't work nearly as well, so I returned to my old favourite, which is the recipe that Clifford Stoll gives in The Cuckoo's Egg. Once they were all done, I'll elide the next hour or two to save some of my readers' sensibilities (:)).

We went up into town to visit the London Aquarium, because, well, why not? I like looking at fish. It wasn't too badly crowded in terms of small children underfoot (schools go back on Monday).

By this point it had started to rain quite heavily, so I decided the Tate Modern could wait for some other time - while it's walking distance from the Aquarium, it's maybe fifteen or twenty minutes away, and I wasn't really dressed for walking in the rain, I was dressed for nice dinner. We arrived a bit early at the hotel where we were booked to eat, sat around and had cocktails, and then went in to dinner a bit early. Food was lovely, wine was plentiful, journey home was not too painful, all in all a really nice day.

More about the rest of the weekend later.

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