Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Sunday dawned. Urgh. About six hours of sleep which wasn't really enough, but since we had eight other people crashed out in various bits of the house, I figured I should get up and be hostessly.

We had breakfast, by which I mean that I fried anything which stayed still for long enough; sausages, bacon, mushrooms and bread, though I think I was the only taker for the latter.

Sat around and chatted a while, and then the remainder of the party headed up to the local park to play with my rocket - a couple of my friends had bought me a model rocket, and had been worried it might be too much of a 'boy's toy'. Not in the slightest. It takes little solid-propellant tubes - three came with it - and has an electronic gadget which basically just sets them off, but allows you to do so from a five-metre distance. Whee! On the tubes that came with it it should go up to about 76m, apparently (no idea whether it made that height yesterday, but I don't see why it wouldn't have done). You can buy longer-lasting propellant tubes (there must be a better word for those) which should take it up to about 180m, apparently.

We then took a carload of stuff to the dump; some rubbish from the party but mostly the mountain of cans and bottles which had accumulated over the last couple of months. I think the spider we found at the bottom of the box full of bottles was a little bemused at being dumped out onto the tarmac in bright sunlight, where previously he had had a snug home among the bottles in the garage. Tough, mate ;)

In the evening we went to see Kevin Bloody Wilson at one of the local theatres, who was funny as expected, if exceedingly crude. His support act, 'Jenny Talia From Australia', was also damn funny and turned out to be his daughter, besides. I picked up a copy of her CD which will eventually find its way to my sister; I think she'll appreciate it...

And now it's Monday, and I should be getting to work... sigh...

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