Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

What I want from a gaming convention:

  1. It needs to be longer than one day. I like one-day conventions like Dragonmeet, don't get me wrong, but by the time people have got there in the morning (or indeed afternoon), and got home at night, there isn't enough gaming and socialising time left. I like to be able to stay up late, talking, drinking, playing silly games.

  2. It needs to be residential, or at least have the option of being so. This option, moreover, needs to be sensibly priced. The problem with GenCon Europe this year (and since it's been at Olympia) is that the nearby accommodation is way too expensive for most gamers, and the cheap accommodation isn't nearby - it's a 45-minute walk away. Add to that the fact that public transport to Olympia is OK during the day but not great during the evening, and what you get is people arriving late and leaving early; it feels more like a series of one-day conventions than a four-day convention.

  3. It needs to have food and drink (including alcohol) available on site, and at reasonable prices. An extended licence for the bars would be nice but is not essential. If you price the stuff too high, people will wind up bringing their own, or sloping out to the off-licence over the road.

  4. It needs to have plenty of space for delegate-organised gaming. It also needs to have plenty of notice-board space to advertise these games.

  5. It needs to have some space for running freeform games. Okay, I admit to some bias for this, but it really does need to be separate space from the mass of table-based gamers, both for their benefit and for ours.

  6. It needs to have space where one can socialise without feeling that you're getting in everyone else's way.

  7. It needs to have a trade hall where we can spend money on shiny new games and clothes and Dwarven Forge stuff and suchlike.

  8. Let's talk about sleeping arrangements. Some gamers are, believe it or not, in couples. The option of a double bed is nice. Not essential, but nice.

  9. It needs to be accessible by road and by public transport.

  10. Did I mention the sensibly-priced food and drink? Including beer? And it needs not to run out of beer half-way through the convention.

  11. Lastly, it needs to be in a place where the staff don't look at gamers like they were something off another planet (even if, in some cases, they are). Ladies and gentlemen, we are spending money which pays your wages. Don't give me that "did you just crawl out from under a rock?" expression.

... oh, and the moon on a stick. Please.

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