Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

A fairly packed weekend, really, which probably accounts for my being shattered today.

Friday night was poker night, and also 'bibliogirl and caffeine_fairy work off the stress of the week' night - i.e. we both got sloshed. Never mind, it was still fun ;) I didn't lose too hopelessly, though I never got any especially good hands. We also played the new edition of Give Me The Brain, bigger and better than the older one.

Saturday dawned bright and ... no, it didn't, actually. It was raining and we got up very late indeed. ;) Pottered around doing very little (in my case) and some work-related stuff for this week's trip (in rotwang's case), had the Cup Final on in the background to see if Southampton would, as predicted, lose. Indeed they did. Ducked out to the supermarket to buy food and wine and presents for the evening.

Saturday evening was the Maybabies party over in Penge. Lots of people there (inc. caffeine_fairy, chomper99, bytepilot, etc. etc. etc.) and a good time was had by most. I think I'd've enjoyed it more if I hadn't been driving home; for one thing, I can only ever be happy dancing if I've had a couple of drinks. If I try to do so sober, the feeling of looking like a total prat overrides the enjoyment factor. ("Dance like nobody's watching" only works if you're not in a relatively small living room with a bunch of other people at the time. ;))

Sunday did dawn bright and early, since rotwang had a plane to catch, and packing to do. I dropped him off at Heathrow and then did the shuffling-cars thing so as to leave his car somewhere convenient for us to get it back, leaving me mine to drive for the week. Then drove up to Oxford and pottered about for the remainder of the day; coffee in Café CoCo, books from Borders (only six... quite restrained really...) and a random art/craft exhibit which was part of Artweeks - just happened to see a sign in passing.

Slept not nearly enough, but have just about managed to avoid falling asleep on my keyboard so far today. Whether I make it to tonight's pub quiz is sadly open to debate (sorry, caddyman, can't give you a definite answer yet)

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