Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

The eyes have it

An article from the BBC news website talking about how between 17 and 22% of children had an undiagnosed eye problem.

I'm surprised that the article says, quoting the RNIB, "Many parents also wrongly believed that schools organised optical tests for children, it said". Schools certainly used to do this, or at least mine did; it was on a school eye test that I first fluffed a couple of the tests at some time late on in primary school (aged about eight) and was therefore sent to the optician - I was wearing glasses aged 10.

I can't really imagine a life now without some form of optical correction. I hear about laser eye surgery but I'm borderline on what they could correct, and having to go through that and still needing glasses or lenses would be too much. Not to mention the whole "They want to do WHAT? Those are my EYES, dammit, you're not putting that anywhere near them..."


I'll stick with my contacts. They work. They're generally not a problem.

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