Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

I answer...

wimble asked....

1. What's your favourite spready product? Butter, jam, marmite, etc?

Depends on the context, really - on what I'm spreading it on. If I had to give up one spready product, butter would probably be the one I regretted most because it's the one I use most often, but favourite? Maybe Marmite, maybe (good) raspberry or strawberry jam.

2. Is there anything for which you ought to seek medical attention, but wouldn't (or don't)?

There are probably some things, but getting medical attention for minor stuff is such a faff (see LJ rants passim). As long as it isn't killing me, causing me great pain, or otherwise restricting my life, I tend not to bother. I suspect this attitude may come back to haunt me someday, but I'll worry about it then.

I am, in general, a distressingly healthy individual, compared to many if not most people I know. ;)

3. What have you most regretted spending money on?

"Non... rien de rien..." I'm not sure there's anything I regret spending significant amounts of money on. Not by choice, anyhow. I regret having to spend a significant chunk of change on some data recovery a few months back, but that was essentially a stupidity tax (on myself).

For the record, I do not regret spending money on:

  • multiple editions of the work of Michael Marshall Smith
  • visiting the set of Babylon 5
  • visiting the Galapagos Islands
  • going on Concorde next month

4. Best gig?

I find it impossible to choose between two.

U2's gig at the Astoria on February 7th 2001: I won tickets off their website and, having been a fan of theirs since about 1982 or so, was pretty damn chuffed. (Understatement of the decade.) I wound up in the front row, squashed up against the stage. I was walking on air for days afterwards.

Live Aid. July 13th 1985. Wembley Stadium. (Shit. Eighteen years, next month?). None of my mates could make it, so I took my mum. We had such a great time. U2 again. Queen rocked the house. David Bowie. *sigh*

5. If there were no restriction (cost, physical requirements), what would be the one thing you'd choose to do?

You would ask me this on the day that my sister rang me to tell me what a blast she'd had skydiving, wouldn't you? ;) (Which is not something I'd ever do.)

Possibly going into space. But it isn't exactly a comfortable way to spend time. If we hypothesise that they have figured out the whole getting there, and getting back, a bit more comfortably and indeed safely, and that they don't require a physical, then that could be fun.

Take a couple of years off and write a novel.

Go round the world.

Um.... damn good question and not one I really have a satisfactory answer for. But I'll keep thinking.

Anyone want five from me?
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