Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

I answer sensational

1) What are you reading right now?

These words on the screen.

Oh, you mean books?

On the go at the moment I have Sorting Things Out which is a non-fiction book on classification, The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency which is lots of fun (fiction, set in Botswana). Over the weekend I hope to start (and maybe also finish) The Wee Free Men which is the new Pratchett, and also Kushiel's Avatar.

2) You have your own business, and it's pretty successful. Do you want to keep doing that forever, or at least until retirement age? If not, what else do you plan to (or wish you could) do?

I don't think I'll do it forever; being in a technological area, I suspect things will change enough that it may not be practical. On the other hand, I have grown used to being able to set my own hours, so if I wanted a change I'd probably set up a different business, or do something else where I didn't have to follow other people's lead too much.

Or I'll give it all up and write that novel. :)

3) You have an insane amount of education, all in mathematics. Do you feel like you use that in your work? Did you ever consider going the academic route and teaching/developing theorems/whatever the heck people with advanced math degrees do?

I actually do use it in my work more than you might imagine - a fairly narrow band of it, I grant you, but it does happen. More than some people I know who have degrees or doctorates in subjects not even slightly related to what they're doing now.

I thought about staying in academia and decided it wasn't for me. I do not have the patience to teach, and there are sufficiently few jobs in the area that I would have been fighting against people who wanted them more than I did (and were probably better at it). It's not something I would wholly rule out a return to in the future, but I don't think it'll be any time soon.

4) What countries have you been to? If you had to leave your country and live elsewhere, where would you go?

I'll count any country where I've actually got out of the airport (this rules out at least two which I might otherwise try to count ;)).

USA, Canada, Ecuador, Iceland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Russia (it was the USSR at the time), Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Hong Kong (back when it was separate from China), Macau (ditto), China, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa. Think that's it.

If I had to live elsewhere and paperwork was not an option, I'd probably opt for the US, Canada or South Africa. I'm just not fluent enough in any language other than English to be completely comfortable living somewhere it wasn't the main language.

5) What is your favorite thing to cook? This doesn't have to be your favorite thing to eat, but it can be.

I love cooking, as you know, and I actually really enjoy cooking stupidly elaborate meals. So almost anything I can spend the whole day fiddling with ;)

You want just one thing, I'll have to pick twice-baked goat's cheese souffles. They're fun. :)


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