Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Saturday night was waistcoatmark's party, which was OK but for two things; one, that I was staying sober so that I could drive us home, and the second, that there were not all that many people I knew there (and for whatever reason, I was having trouble doing the meeting-new-people-thing). Oh well.

Sunday, rotwang's parents came for lunch (which was why I had volunteered to stay sober the previous night; I didn't fancy trying to cook with a hangover). I tried out a recipe for tea-smoked duck, which was interesting if nothing else. Possibly a somewhat acquired taste, and I suspect it is better served cold than warm (so that you have a chance to rid the house of the smell of crisping tea, for a start). Also, watercress goes well with a soy sauce and olive oil dressing.

We went for a walk up to Nonsuch Park, and as we wandered round the outside of the mansion in the middle of the park, we encountered a UXB... no, no, not an unexploded bomb, an unexpected booksale. Only I, I am told, could go to a suburban park and randomly find a stall full of books. After buying some of them, we looked round the service wing of the house, which has been restored by the Friends of Nonsuch and is open two Sundays a month - shows you what I know, I'd never heard of it before. Lots of old kitchen and laundry implements, and a chance for my mother-in-law to acquire a book she'd been searching for for years - for the princely sum of £2.00. She was pleased. (Understatement.)

An expedition into the bits of the park where some remains of Nonsuch Palace (from Tudor times) are supposed to be conspicuously failed to find any remains, but did successfully find a metric arseload of long grass. By this point I was starting to wish I had taken my hayfever tablet that morning (when it had been raining so I didn't think I would need it. Oh well.

The parents left and rotwang went back to reading OotP, which has now gone to Nottingham with him. I spent time on the phone. We packed games for Stabcon, next weekend... that was about it.

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