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Stabcon and such

Stabcon has come and gone for another six months, and very fine it was too. We played a largish number of games (a count in the car on the way home suggested that we were into double figures) including some new to us; Puerto Rico, which I suspect will be better on second and subsequent plays when we have the hang of it a little better, Clash of the Gladiators, a nice Reiner Knizia game (okay, I confess I'm something of a Knizia fangirl and will generally buy his games on spec; unusual for me) in which I rediscovered my demon dicerolling skill which I last saw in a game of Perudo a couple of cons ago, Ersuppe which waistcoatmark raves about on a regular basis and I quite liked, hm, what else. We had another crack at Tigris and Euphrates which I managed to win mostly by not pissing other people off. Fist of Dragonstones is brainbending (and therefore good) but runs too short for my taste (maybe we'll try playing to five points instead of three sometime). Flaschenteufel seemed less brainbending than I remembered it (or possibly I was just less drunk this time).

I wimped out a bit early on the Saturday night due to being shattered from a week of insufficient sleep. The plan was to get an earlyish night. This would have been so much easier if I hadn't had Harry Potter passed to me by rotwang who had just finished it. Oh well, 0230 counts as 'earlyish' for some people, doesn't it?

We reacquainted ourselves with the curry house we visited last time (Stabcon's current location is staggering distance from Manchester's Curry Mile) but avoided the as-seen-on-TV plate of starters that we fell prey to before. There's quite a lot to be said for actually being able to eat your main course when it arrives, rather than poking feebly at it and wishing you'd not pigged out so much on the tikka-ed stuff that had gone before. The only downside was the salt lassi, which was very weak - but hey, the evening was hot and humid (too humid; the plane journey to Manchester was bumpy as all hell) and we were thirsty, so it did the trick.

Driving back down to London was as much fun as usual (within epsilon of none) - we cut across the Peak District, which would have been better if it hadn't been for the hordes of Sunday drivers pottering along at 20 mph and panicking every time another car comes towards them, and then down the M1, which invariably sucks asteroids through capillaries. The bits with roadworks on weren't too bad, it was the long slow slog from J12 on down which was dull, dull, dull.

Friend round to visit on Monday night, very pleasant. Conference call on Tuesday which finally ended months of stress in a fairly positive way. Tuesday also enlivened by caffeine_fairy choosing the wrong time to take her lunchtime walk to the library and coming back looking like someone threw her in the Thames.

Didn't really achieve a whole lot today (and hey, neither did Tim Henman...) but tomorrow is another day, and so is Friday. And on Saturday we get on a plane for this trip, so expect a post on Wednesday evening raving about that particular mode of transport. And hopefully also raving about how cool tayefeth is. ;)

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