Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

We met up with J and headed out for breakfast at a diner near the hotel. I do enjoy the American concept of breakfast; it's not that I don't like English cooked breakfasts - not that I have them very often - but pancakes and french toast are a very pleasant change.

Then there were more bookshops. Oh, you know it. Also a visit to Toys in Babeland (just to pick something up for my sister... honest... ;)). Prime suspect among the bookshops was the Strand, which boasts of having eight miles of books. How true the claim is I could not say, but we only bought about half a mile of them. It was great for non-fiction and bloody awful for fiction - not because they didn't have any; they had plenty - but because of the lack of alphabetisation. Most of the genre fiction (we were mostly looking at SF) wasn't shelved in any kind of order, and when you're looking at an eight-foot-high bookcase full of the stuff, or in this case three eight-foot-high bookcases, it's a bit tricky to figure out if there is anything you might want. So most of the haul was computer books, cookbooks, books about books and books about bibliophiles.

We ambled down the street to Forbidden Planet. With hindsight I am not sure why we bothered. I recalled it, from my previous visit (seventeen years ago), as having a reasonable selection of books - much like its UK counterpart (or at least the one in Central London). Boy, was I disappointed. The majority of the store is now comics, or movie tie-ins, or figures, or computer games, and then there's one-count-them-one bookcase of actual books. I have more SF/fantasy than was on that bookcase by a factor of, at a conservative estimate, five.

Is there a good SF bookshop in Manhattan? Did I just completely fail to find it?

We pootled back to the hotel to give rotwang the pack pony a rest, and to allow J to pick up some of her stuff before she headed out to get the train back to Boston.

It seemed like a good idea, since we had a free evening and weren't too tired, to take in a film - the mainstream choices being basically The Hulk, Terminator 3 and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Neither of us were especially desperate to see Hulk so we fairly arbitrarily chose the Charlie's Angels option.

Now I thought the first CA film was, well, amusing, fluffy, a bit silly in places but generally entertaining enough to be worth the money to see it. I wish I could say the same about the second one. It replaced 'a bit silly in places' with 'did this thing have a plot, once upon a time?' and 'amusing' with 'lame'. And 'generally entertaining' with 'why did we bother'? Demi Moore looked good but must've needed the money. John Cleese likewise must've been short of a bob or two. The guy who plays Bosley had a definite air of 'I can't believe they're asking me to say these lines convincingly'. Avoid.

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