Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

On Tuesday we had made arrangements to meet up with tayefeth, one of my oldest online friends. I first met her online in, er, we think 1991, and we've mostly stayed in contact since then - but we'd never quite managed to physically meet up, since she lives in New Jersey and I live in London. Even though she comes to Europe on a moderately regular basis, timings just hadn't worked out in the past.

The American Museum of Natural History was large and fairly impressive in places. The marine exhibit was pretty new and nicely done (including the whale ;)), and the exhibition about Chocolate was also good. Once we'd managed to find the way into the main astronomy section, tayefeth made an excellent native guide ;) I was a bit underwhelmed by the stuffed birds and animals, mostly, but the London natural history museum has much the same problem; some of the exhibits are in sore need of modernisation but they just haven't had the time or money to manage that yet.

We managed to pick up plenty of oddments for presents, mostly for the children of our friends, though in some cases for the friends themselves. I think the just-turned-six-year-old will enjoy the book about farts (whether his parents will thank me for giving it to him is a whole other question).

Back to the hotel to pack. Luckily we had brought an extra bag to check in (this is now standard when we go to the US...) so it all more or less fitted, with only a little force required. After another pleasant dinner at the Bat Bar down the street (which seemed to have mutated into a comedy club overnight), we retired to sleep, perchance to get up at 0530.
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