Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

We spent a relaxing weekend at my parents' place in deepest darkest Somerset - the drive down was an ideal chance to enjoy some top-down convertible goodness, which would have been somewhat improved by my remembering to put on some suntan lotion first; I now have one very crispy ear. I beat my dad at Scrabble a couple of times, thereby regaining the title I lost last time we visited, and we spent some time sitting out in their rather tasteful garden and admiring their newly-built pond.

We also wandered round Clarks Village in Street for a while (it's an outlet mall). Found one or two nice odds and ends but there was an awful lot of junk there - and not all of it was junk because it wouldn't have fitted me in a million years... I was slightly put out to find, this morning, that when I said to one of the assistants yesterday "Yes, I will take that pair of shoes but not this pair," she had in fact provided me with the pair I didn't want. Oh well, apparently I can return them to any Clarks shop, I don't have to go back to Street...

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