Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
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Friday: went to the nice walking-distance Chinese. Much food was eaten and much sake drunk... they offered us free drinks after the meal but by that time we were too sated to accept (shame!)

Saturday: ambled up to London Bridge to get rotwang some speaker stands from Richer Sounds. That only took about ten minutes, so we decided to stay up in town to have some lunch. First we attempted to eat at The George, which had an uninspiring menu and, when we tried to order, told us that food was taking about an hour at that point (at 2pm). 'Bugger that,' we thought, and wandered over the road to the little Italian cafe who were able to provide nicely-toasted paninis with interesting fillings in, oh, about five minutes.

Walking back to the Tube, we passed Borough Market. I hadn't been there before and I'm a bit of a sucker for food markets... there's just something about interesting food stalls and piles of food... so we wandered round for a while and bought some sausages, some wild boar and cranberry pie (Sunday's lunch), some cheese with cumin and coriander seeds in (rotwang really likes Leiden cheese, which also contains cumin seeds but which I haven't seen on sale any time in the last ten years or so), and a stupidly oversized organic rye loaf which will feed the pair of us for the rest of the week. (Not to mention feeding the local birds for about a week after, I reckon.)

Later we dolled ourselves up for waistcoatmark's Geeks, Toffs and Perverts party (I only managed two out of three, sadly), which was good fun as ever.

Sunday dawned, and eventually we crawled out of bed. rotwang had work to do and I amused myself reading, burning CDs, pottering online, and eventually - in a fit of channeling Betty Crocker - making a fruit cake for dessert. I also sorted through the books vicarage gave us, making piles for 'charity shop', 'shelves', 'fob off on parents' and one pile, containing three of Guy N. Smith's Crabs books, as yet untitled. Possibly 'burn' (but more likely they'll just wind up with the charity shop).

Tonight rotwang and I are off to see Rolf Harris, which should be fun. Might take along the one surviving inflatable kangaroo...

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