Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

I forgot to add in a lot of what we actually did yesterday, to yesterday's entry. There was a fair amount of errand-running on my part, though at least now the office is free of its mountain of cans which were awaiting recycling. There was the making of cookies and such, already mentioned.

There was also a very pleasant walk to the nearby park. It may be October but it was still bright and sunny, almost cloudless, and relatively warm - the last gasp of summer, perhaps. The park had plenty of people enjoying the weather, children gathering conkers (okay, children and me gathering conkers), and a tea-shop which really hadn't bargained on having quite so many folks wanting drinks so late in the season, I suspect. The grass had been mown sometime in the last few weeks - they let it grow in most of the park, over the summer - and it was altogether pleasant.

The house across the road from us is up for sale, for what I would consider 'silly money' (roughly 1.4x what we paid for ours). Whether they'll get anything close to the asking price is anyone's guess.

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