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Playing catch-up

Thursday: went up to the Loch Fyne restaurant in Camden for their 'Gourmet Evening' with L&C, two of the local residents (who do not, so far as I know, have LiveJournals). Much food was eaten and much wine drunk. I thought the food (kinglas fillet, oysters, salmon, blue cheese, cinnamon & calvados crème brulée) better than the wine. rotwang has eaten in other restaurants of the Loch Fyne chain and reckoned that was fairly usual; the house wine at the Nottingham branch was reportedly dire.

Friday: a quiet night in, recovering from Thursday!

Saturday: a bit more tidying stuff out of the garage for me (well, dusting off the bunch of craft books mentioned in my other entry) and some more work for rotwang. (I have high hopes of finding a weekend sometime soon when neither of us need to be working. On the other hand we are now busy for all or part of every single weekend between now and Christmas. Not really sure when, or indeed where, we're going to do our Christmas shopping... online, probably...)

Went over to D&L's (also no LJs as far as I know) on Saturday evening for boardgames and beer. It seems odd to be able to walk to friends' houses. We haven't had friends in walking distance since we moved out of Egham ten years back - and even then, the people I knew there would only debatably have been in walking distance (half an hour's walk or more).

Sunday: Ebay prep for me, work for rotwang, and I braved Tesco for the weekly supermarket run. 3pm on a Sunday is not a good time to do this - the place closes at 4pm and therefore has a higher than usual number of people wandering aimlessly around, trying to find what they're looking for. Also a higher than usual number of children not looking where they're going. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't know that their parents would blame me when their offspring ran headlong into my trolley.

We went to see The Italian Job in the evening. I have never seen the original (cries of Shame! Shame! from the peanut gallery, I'm sure) but the modern version is an amusing caper movie - basically, if you like that sort of thing, you will like this. The ending seemed a bit rushed but the rest of it was very good fun.

Monday: work: fiddling with Nominet domain processing automaton stuff, and yet more admin. Evening: put the stuff up on Ebay and then watched Never Mind The Buzzcocks (first time I've been in on a Monday evening in a while). Phil Jupitus, Bill Bailey: funny. (The latter is always funny and we're going to see him live this evening.) Mark Lamarr: annoying talentless wanker who should shut up and let the people who are actually funny get on with it. A particularly crap assortment of guests this time around, too - Sinitta appears not to have two brain cells to rub together (actually I think they may have been extracted from her skull and injected over her cheekbones). Maybe it's time to retire the programme altogether; a shame, I used to watch it religiously.

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