Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Here in my car, I can play all my tapes, I can go down the shops...

From the BBC: Odd ways to lose computer data. Now, waterproof keyboards are one thing, but dropping your laptop in the bath is perhaps a bit beyond the pale...

Wandered up into central London on Tuesday to see the exceedingly amusing Bill Bailey, who was on top form. Even more surreal than usual, with lots of new material. Now, I could have sworn I saw a new CD of his on sale at the theatre, but I can't see it on his web site; will have to go looking for that.

Yesterday rotwang and I went over to caffeine_fairy and chomper99's place to buy the ChomperMobile for my sister, as a present for her impending 30th birthday. (I don't know, do I still get to call her my 'little' sister if she's 30? The term hasn't been accurate with respect to height for about the last 15 years; she tops me by about three inches.) The ChomperMobile, as was, is in pretty good nick for a car of its vintage (1988) and I'm sure it'll do Sis fine as a first car. She may look slightly sideways at the 'Glastonbury 2002' sticker on the inside of the windscreen, but hey, it could be worse; we could have tried to buy her a camper van or something. As it is, a Ford estate should give her something to put all her diving gear in when needed.

Today, work now, teaching a friend the rudiments of HTML later, and an evening out later still. Tomorrow, anubisgrrl's hen night (BWAHAHAHAHAH... ahem). Saturday, the family dinner to celebrate the aforementioned Getting Older. Sunday, I expect to be a small whimpering heap in a corner somewhere. We shall see.

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