Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

I've written here about various birds and other inhabitants of the Site of Special Scientific Interest which forms our garden - well, I'd love for it to be designated as one of those, because then I wouldn't have to worry about trying to find a gardener. Yup, still looking. But I digress.

Today, I present to you the World's First Head-Banging Bluetit.

A few weeks ago, rotwang was working in the dining room when he heard a tapping noise, and not unreasonably wondered what it was. It didn't seem likely that it was Death Watch Beetle, but one never knows. Eventually he spotted a bluetit outside one of the dining room windows, tapping on the glass; we think it was pecking up seeds from the windowsill and possibly also from the window itself (those windows have ridged glass on the inside, so they may not be too smooth on the outside either). This has continued intermittently, on that window and also on the hall window which faces out onto the same alleyway and is probably also therefore covered in seeds.

This morning I was putting some stuff away in our bedroom when I heard a tapping sound outside the window. It could have been the bush outside, it could in fact have been the bush pulling away from the house (it's a bit top-heavy at the moment). Upon inspection, though, it was either that bluetit or its twin brother ("I dunno, your honour - they all look alike to me") hanging onto the tiles below the bedroom window and pecking at those. I can only assume that there are small insects or seeds or something else irresistible to the tit family stuck between or under the tiles.

I am considering making it a bluetit-sized Iron Maiden T-shirt.

In other news, we drove down to Portsmouth on Saturday to drop off the ChomperMobile to my sister, who was pretty much as happy as I've ever seen her ("I have car keys!... I have a car!"). Chinese dinner out with my parents and sister, which was enlivened at its end by the way in which, while we were standing on the pavement outside the restaurant saying our farewells, the Blockbusters over the road suddenly developed a pall of smoke at the back of its shop, which eventually filled the entire shop - I phoned the fire brigade and they came out to check what was going on. It didn't seem to have any lasting effect as the shop was open when we went past on Sunday.

We helped Sister get used to her new car yesterday morning, drove round Portsmouth a bit with her until she became accustomed to it. I hear this morning that she was having a few problems with the choke, but hopefully she will have got that sorted by now...

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