Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
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Not walking but drinking

Some of us periodically go away on what is, at least theoretically, a walking weekend. (This sort of thing.) We had hopelessly failed to organise one this year, largely because of pretty much everyone involved being busy starting businesses, working too hard, closing offices, having babies, getting married, etc., so we had "Not The Walking Weekend" round at our house. This had the advantage of not requiring actual walking, not to mention being significantly easier to arrange for the people with the baby, and a shorter journey than the Lakes or the Peak District for almost everyone.

We played some board/card games - at various times over the weekend we played When Darkness Comes, brought by waistcoatmark, a game in which we proved that it really can be impossible to pick up a shotgun, Frank's Zoo, Sechs Nimmt where I seem to have lost my run of luck completely, Clash of the Gladiators which devolved into two sets of two beating one another up, Carcassonne where rotwang sneaked through during the point-scoring at the end to beat me by a couple of points, and Puerto Rico where I came a rather unimpressive last, oh well.

There was also the interesting task of cooking dinner for an amorphous number of people including at least one vegetarian and working around some allergy issues. I eventually decided to try out some of the stuff from Vegetarian Dinner Parties which caffeine_fairy brought me back when she went to WOMAD this year.

We eventually wound up eating Black Peasant Bread as a starter, with various pâtés (bought those). The main course involved goulash (which wound up not bearing a whole lot of resemblance to the recipe in the book; I'd count it as 'inspired by'), Hungarian Squash (would've been Hungarian Pumpkin but for the impossibility of finding a sensibly-sized pumpkin in the shops at the moment, if you want to cook it rather than carve it. Bizarrely, it tasted to the non-vegetarians like fish - maybe the combination of vinegar and dill), Mushrooms in Sour Cream (yummy), Aubergines Baked In White Wine (might try it again some time, but wasn't entirely convinced by them this time), plus some mixed white and wild rice. Basically I went through most of the stuff in the Eastern European section of the cookbook. After that, baked lemon cheesecake.

Today, when we eventually staggered out of bed, we played more games and then wandered down into the village for a pub lunch. The pub where we'd had a perfectly pleasant Sunday lunch before wasn't doing food - couldn't tell if it was because there seemed to be a wedding reception taking over about half of it, or whether they've just stopped doing food on a Sunday completely. We switched locations to the rather more crowded, more football-infested and generally less good pub further down the road, then came back and played more games before we evicted the last of the visitors.

Now, the excitement of laundry.

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