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A bag of holding would be really useful at this point

Up waaaaay too early so that I could be dressed and therefore semi-decent by the time the builders arrived to do what I devoutly hope will be the last bits of work on the bathroom. It's basically been in working order for the last couple of days but we keep getting last-minute crises...

We managed to empty some more boxes yesterday as we filled the wardrobes. All three of them are now pretty much completely full, which is a bit worrying since I'm sure there's at least one more box of my T-shirts kicking about somewhere plus a not-insubstantial laundry pile. These are big wardrobes. I think this proves that we have way too much junk (yeah, yeah, you already knew that). Maybe I should look into getting rid of some of the Black T-Shirt Mountain; I did throw the one I was wearing yesterday into the bin instead of the laundry basket when it turned out to be at least a size too small and also to have at least one hole in it - this is what happens when you are trying to get dressed in a hurry from an assortment of bags in a dark room.

What I want to know is how I seem to have accumulated an entire drawer full of tights and stockings. This may not sound that unusual but I probably wear the things less than once a month. I have this theory that I tend to buy more than one pair at a time so that I can be fairly sure of having a pair without a hole in at the point where I need to wear them, and that this has got out of hand over the years (and that my storage area was too disorganised to make this obvious, previously). When I have a spare minute I think I'll go through and pitch out most of them - not the ones in packets, possibly not some of the pairs of tights which look still to be whole, but many of those random stockings/hold-ups which seem to have lost their pairs.

I suppose once we have worked through the major laundry backlog I'll have a better idea of how much stuff I really need to get rid of to fit it into the available space - and indeed we'll have a better idea of how large the available space is once some more of the boxes have been moved out of the way (or preferably unpacked).

I wish the new borough council had as good a recycling policy as the one we've just moved from. The old one supplied clear plastic sacks (if you weren't using wheelie bins - and we weren't because we didn't really have anywhere out of the way to keep them) which they picked up every fortnight, and you could put any recyclable stuff except glass in those. So we used to keep one by the kitchen bin and pitch paper, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, old clothes, whatever into it - the council would take it away and sort it out.

Apparently this new place only collects newspapers, which you have to bundle up and leave next to the bin. Bit of a shame, that, since newspaper is probably the thing we have least of for recycling; we don't get a daily paper and so the only ones we want rid of are the free weekly papers.

It's not that they don't have recycling centres for most of the usual sorts of things, it's just that I've got used to the rather more convenient way of doing things. Oh well.

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