Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Gosh, over a week since a substantial update? Bad, naughty bibliogirl. Well, I've been busy - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The week itself was of course a run-up to caffeine_fairy's last day here, Friday. There wasn't a whole lot going on in the office, except for changing things around so that her email wasn't on some of the local distribution lists any more, and setting up her new email address to forward to the right place, and so on. Lots of shredding. rotwang came and worked in the office Thursday and took us both out to lunch, and then Friday was the Big Day - she had an interview at 2pm so left about noon, and that was, well, that. Sigh.

Friday night, we (rotwang, caffeine_fairy, chomper99 and myself) congregated in one of Balham's finer drinking establishments and proceeded to eat yummy food and drink quite a bit. (Well, aside from chomper99 who was on alcohol-precluding antibiotics. Nice timing...). CF deserves special mention for not hitting me over the head with one of her leaving presents... I bought her a shredder. Well, I thought she might miss it ;)

On Saturday, rotwang and I went to sort out costume hire for a couple of forthcoming events, and then I ambled back home to sort out Ebay stuff and make choc chip cookies (again), while rotwang helped vicarage shift stuff into storage.

Saturday night was caffeine_fairy's birthday party; luckily she'd recovered somewhat from Friday night's excesses. Food was eaten, drinks were drunk, and silly games were played. Well, Dracula was played, which counts as silly since it's essentially a cross between Murder In The Dark, Hide and Seek and..., hm, are there any games in which falling down the stairs is an integral component? It's certainly a bit easier playing Dracula in dwellings which are all on one level, since it requires all but one room of the dwelling concerned to be darkened as much as possible.

On Sunday we took some more of the Shredding Mountain to become bunny bedding (see last weekend's entry for explanation) and then did a round trip from home to my office to the dump to my office to home. Time to start throwing away some of the stuff that I know is rubbish so that I have more swap space to sort out the rest of it.

Later on Sunday we went to see Love Actually, which I enjoyed a hell of a lot. It is an unashamedly romantic movie, taking in a whole bunch of different relationships... some starting, some ending, some in the middle. I wouldn't say it was only a chick-flick, though. It's definitely a British film, with many of our well-known actors and actresses doing what they do best, and central London is also in a starring role. And I suspect that there'll be some people in the US who'll absolutely hate it (for reasons relating to Billy Bob Thornton's character and the reactions of Hugh Grant's character to him; hopefully that was sufficiently unspoilery as to not annoy people). Go and see it unless you have a real antipathy towards romantic (not necessarily romance) films.


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