Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

First real kiss: Can't honestly remember.

First job: I covered someone's paper round for a couple of weeks, and got paid the princely sum of £1.75 or so. Still have the wage packet somewhere.

First self-purchased album: Think it was the Grease soundtrack, on tape.

First funeral: My grandfather's, in 1982.

First pets: Joe, the budgie, and Rosalie, the rabbit.

First piercing: Had my ears pierced in 1992 so that I could wear decent earrings to my wedding.

First true love: rotwang, of course ;)

First big trip: South Africa, either in 1970 (which I don't remember) or 1978 (which I do)

Last good cry: A week or so back (born out of utter frustration)

Last movie seen: Love Actually. It was great.

Last beverage drank: Tea. Insanely strong, white, half a sugar.

Last food consumed: Thai meal last night.

Last TV show watched: Um... probably the coverage of the final public flight of Concorde.

Last shoes worn: Black ankle boots (as always)

Last CD played: The one full of MP3s in my car? Otherwise, erm. Quite possibly Abba - Gold, and there goes my credibility.

Last item bought: Excluding food and drink, probably some deodorant.

Last disappointment: Hmmm. Very good question. Finding out that booking for Return of the King hasn't started yet?

Last soda drank: Vanilla Diet Coke.

Last ice cream eaten: Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cinnamon Chunk and Choc Chip Cookie Dough, at the cinema on Sunday.

Last shirt worn: Fleecy Marks & Spencer one over a T-shirt a couple of days back.

First book: You're joking, right?

Last book: Noel Streatfeild's Dancing Shoes, while waiting for some downloads to finish. Lent to me by caffeine_fairy.

First concert: In the sense of 'gig', Madness. There may have been other concerts before that but that was the first one I chose to go to and where my family weren't present.

Last concert: U2 at Earl's Court a year or two back, if memory serves.

First computer: Tandy TRS-80 model 1. A whopping 4k of RAM, later expanded to the dizzy heights of 16k. 128 x 48 block screen resolution - green screen, naturally. Ah, those were the days.

Last computer: A PC of some stripe (the office is full of them)

First game console: I'm assuming 'Simon' doesn't count. I've never owned a games console in the more modern usage of the term.

Last game console: See above.

First video game: A hand-held version of Donkey Kong.

Last video game: Something on the PC. Civ III, maybe.

Last item mailed: A bill payment to Nominet.

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