Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

It is a grey and miserable day in deepest Surrey, today, make no mistake about it. It's verging on getting dark at 3.15pm, it has been raining heavily all day (and, indeed, for the majority of the last three days), it's cold and unpleasant - the very embodiment of a Sunday in November in England. (Funny, that.)

Last night there was much partying, though it really wasn't improved for me by the fact that I had no energy whatsoever as I continued to fight off a cold. Normally I would dance quite a bit at this particular event; this time I managed about 1.5 songs' worth of dancing all evening. Talking was also difficult because of the music's volume, so I suspect I looked like a miserable git for much of the evening. Tired rather than miserable, honest. Various LJers there.

During the day we'd watched England cause mass blood-pressure fluctuations during the rugby. Much cursing of their inability to hold onto the ball. Much inability to watch during the tense bits. Much relief when Jonny Wilkinson finally managed to get a drop goal over the posts at the most dramatically appropriate time possible...

Poker on Friday was fun, though I lost my shirt early on (literally, as it happened; I left the overshirt I'd been wearing round there...) and spent much of the rest of the evening watching Major Frockage taking place and talking weddings with chomper99. Oh, and drinking quite a lot of red wine. Mmmm.

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