Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

I seem to be having a lot more trouble than usual shaking the current cold. It's mostly died down to occasional hacking cough, at the moment, but that in itself is screwing with my sleep patterns, and I really don't do well on insufficient sleep.

Torch of Freedom was mostly fun, aside from the lengthy journey up there (which came after the four hours of wrestling with Word etc. detailed previously), and the mass combat on Saturday evening which was absolutely deadly dull for those of us who had no interest - or, indeed, whose characters had no interest; both true in my case - in leading troops round the streets of Salsora trying to change the manner in which it was ruled. Maybe more on this later when I am less tired.

I wound up coming back from deepest Nottinghamshire by train, because rotwang found out on Friday that he had to be in Halifax for work tomorrow and Tuesday. Making the poor sod drive five hours home today and five (or so) hours back tomorrow seemed a little unkind, since Halifax is maybe a 90 minute drive from where we were at the weekend; his boss was happy for him to expense a train ticket for me, so he dropped me in Sheffield and I got the train back to London. Never have quite figured out in what parallel universe it makes sense for a return ticket to be cheaper than a single, though.

We stopped on the way between Retford and Sheffield at what was billed as a butterfly house and turned out not to have too many butterflies - suspect it's not quite the right time of year for them - but which did have very cute marmosets, an albino squirrel, various birds of prey, birds of paradise, parrots, a rather predatory turkey who thought we had food, and a reasonably tame hedgehog. It was a harmless enough way to spend an hour...


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