Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Another week, another to-do list.

The weekend was relatively relaxing (as long as you weren't rotwang and therefore didn't have to get up at some insane hour on Saturday morning to catch a plane). On Saturday, I picked up the photos we'd taken at anubisgrrl's wedding, and helped a friend of ours do some light (and mostly unsuccessful) shopping. Sunday included a visit to the Dulwich Picture Gallery to catch their Heath Robinson exhibition before it closes this coming Sunday. Very impressive illustrations, and I was interested to see more of his non-gadgety stuff. Then we stopped at the Wing Yip in Croydon to pick up infeasible quantities of Dim Sum for later face-stuffing.

Last night a bunch of us went to Kazbah in Clapham for a bon-voyage party for anubisgrrl. She is headed back to the States on Thursday, there to secure accommodation and a job before sending for hubby David (no LJ). rotwang and I went round there on Thursday evening for dinner and came away with a couple of bags of stuff they'd been trying to get rid of, mostly games and books. Hopefully the INS will be efficient and helpful and David will be able to rejoin her in the not-vastly-distant future.

caddyman, caffeine_fairy and chomper99 were among those also present yesterday evening. CF's new job seems to be going swimmingly, which is excellent news.

Working from home has not driven me mad quite yet. But watch this space.

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