Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass


Having had a prowl round wimble's music collection, there were a couple of tracks from my college days that he didn't have, and I wanted to hear again - so it was off to Ebay to see what I can find.

I now have Then Jerico's CD single Big Area, which I had probably failed to find previously because I'd been convinced for years it was by Del Amitri. I also have Wet Wet Wet's greatest hits album, which provides me with the track Wishing I Was Lucky, indelibly associated with my first year in college. (The rest of the album, I couldn't care less about, but it was cheap.)

Also winging its way towards me in relatively short order should be a copy of the Madness album The Rise And Fall which I haven't heard in forever - largely because my copy is on vinyl and I haven't been arsed to fire up the turntable. (Maybe I'll do that this afternoon.)

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