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Some of you will have seen this meme before, but for those who haven't:

1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed

Questions from maviscruet:
1) Terribly sorry but you've ended up in hell. But becuase your not really a bad person your allowed to keep one book with you that will be all you have to keep you ammused for eternity. Which book?

Hm, I hope I can get an asbestos edition of whatever I choose; I suspect hell, if it existed, would be rather hotter than 451°F.

Many of my best-loved books are just too short to be the only thing I have around for the rest of eternity (Only Forward fits snugly into that category). I have a one-volume edition of Lord of the Rings which might almost do it, but no, I think it'll have to be Elizabeth Moon's The Deed Of Paksenarrion, which I also have as a one-volume edition.

2) You've got to lose a sense for ever, which sense do you choose? (given that smell is an awful lot to do with taste as well....)

Smell, definitely. I have a friend (chomper99) who has almost no sense of smell and he can still enjoy tasting stuff, so I think it'd be the one I could do without. Sight would be the one I'd hate to lose most.

3) Describe your perfect sunday afternoon.


Okay, so there'll be a bunch of my friends who don't have to be anywhere else in a hurry, and who can easily get to wherever they're going next by public transport (which in itself lifts this into a flight of fantasy).

There will have just been a large lunch consumed, along with several bottles of wine, or plenty of good beer. At this stage, people will be slobbing around the living room or the garden (or, at a pinch, a nice pub or its garden), with a couple of Sunday papers, some enjoyable books, and some games. There will be interesting conversation. There will be comfortable places to sit or sprawl. There might, perhaps, be an open fire present, or alternatively it will be a sunny day.

There will be the prospect of enjoying several hours of one another's company before, perhaps, another pleasant meal. There might also be the prospect of rather excellent sex later on in the day (when the meals have been digested...). And would it be too much to ask that nobody has to get up early the next day?

4) Name the polotician you trust and respect most and why?

I don't really trust any of them, self-interested sods that they are. I've seen far too many of them attempting to legislate about things they don't understand (mutter, encryption, mutter). "Respect" would require me to think that any of them are honest. As far as I can tell, honesty is one of the first things to vanish out of the window when you decide to go into politics.

Maybe there are trustworthy and respectable politicians at the local level, but I've never knowingly met any of them.

5) Why are you a roleplayer?

It allows me to be someone -- or something -- or several somethings -- that I am not. It has puzzles to solve, dilemmas to consider, monsters to fight.

It allows me to take centre stage -- or close to it -- in interesting scenarios; I never have been one to imagine myself alongside the hero or heroine in books.

It allows me to be an appalling ham actress at times ;)

It allows me to watch people's heads explode (metaphorically at least) when they are faced with new information (speaking as a GM here).

It allows me to spend time with my friends, doing an activity which we all enjoy.

And I get to see the world -- or worlds -- if only as described by someone else and therefore inside my head.

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