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Once again, THE RULES!
1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed

Questions from missmelysse:
1) When it comes to shopping for books, what's the ideal shopping experience for you? (New or used? Physical or online? Alone, or with a friend or significant other?)

Oooo, nice question. It varies depending on whether I'm shopping for one or more specific books, or whether I'm just browsing. If I'm shopping for something very specific, I'll more than likely order it online, unless I know I'm going to be near a bookshop in the next couple of days and I know that that bookshop will have it in stock. If I want to see what's new in a particular area (e.g. computer security) then I'll go to a good bookshop and browse there - and probably buy there if they have something I want, rather than coming home and then ordering it online. If I just need some words in a line to feed my addiction -- let's say, I've got a journey to make and forgot to bring a book with me -- then almost anywhere will do; I'll probably hit a charity shop for something cheap and essentially disposable.

Shopping alone or with someone else doesn't usually make too much difference to me one way or another. It's nice to go to a bookshop with someone who shares either my raging bibliophilia or at least some of my specific topic interests, and indeed on some occasions shopping for books has come damn close to being a form of foreplay, but I'll just as happily prowl the shelves on my own if I need to.

New vs. used; I buy more new books than I do used books, but the thrill of finding something interesting that's been out of print for decades in a used bookshop is very enjoyable.

The single best book-buying experience I ever had was when rotwang led me into Oxford's largest bookshop on my 30th birthday and said "Here you are; you have moderately large amount of money to spend. Off you go." ;)

2) What's one book that *needs* to be made into a movie or series?

I'm biting back the urge to mention Michael Marshall Smith, as I'm still not convinced any of his stuff would really work as films, despite the fact that there are options out on at least two of his novels. I would be interested to see what could be made of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, especially the opening sequence. Gossamer Axe might work as a film, since it's stand-alone. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, maybe? [Edit: since I wrote this, but before I posted it, I find that someone is indeed trying to make TMIAHM into a film. We'll see.]

Out of the SF/fantasy/horror genre, I still think some of Sara Paretsky's work could be sensibly filmed (just don't have Kathleen Turner in the leading role this time round).

Oh, you wanted one book? Oops. ;)

3) You've mentioned travel quite often in your LJ. Do you prefer flying to, say, trains or cars, or do you merely accept it as quick and convenient?

It depends on the journey, to a very large extent. I tend to prefer forms of travel where the amount of sitting in one place without being able to roam around is minimised, and also to prefer being in control of the means of transport (or potentially so; at least to have the ability to ask to stop for a drink or whatever). It also depends how much luggage is involved.

Most of my travel of any distance is overseas, in which case flying's usually the sanest option; while we've taken our car over to Europe by train before now, it wouldn't be something I'd choose to do very often.

Within the UK, flying may or may not be an option. We go to Manchester a couple of times a year and I've sometimes done that journey by air, where I've not been able to leave the office sufficiently early to do it by car (the traffic around London on a Friday night is horrific -- and 'Friday night' starts about 1430). Train usually requires that we get into central London first, which adds a minimum of about 45 minutes to the journey.

So I'll usually prefer plane or car over train, and which of those two gets the nod is dependent on the length of the journey (and sometimes the cost). I used to take the coach (bus, to you) quite a lot when I was a student, as it was cheaper, but I wouldn't do it now unless there was no alternative.

4) Your interests (on your user-info page) include Babylon 5, so I have to ask: Sheridan vs. Sinclair - who was your preferred commanding officer?

Mmm, I suppose it'd have to be Sheridan - though frankly I think Ivanova would have done better than either of them.

5) Do you re-read novels? If so, what one book to you ALWAYS go back to?

Oh, heavens. All the time. I especially re-read stuff when I'm too tired or too stressed to deal with reading something new (so there's been a lot of that lately). Again, there's that 'one book' thing, though. I come back to a lot of Nevil Shute stuff, I come back to The Deed Of Paksenarrion, I come back to Microserfs, I come back to Only Forward.

About the only things that people probably expect that I re-read more than I actually do would be Terry Pratchett's stuff; almost all of my Pratchett shelves are in the shape of signed first editions. I am gradually acquiring the paperback versions so that I can read them with less paranoia...

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